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About CNP

Precision,Rapidly,Cost-Effective Manufacturing and Design Services

An expert in rapid prototying and low-volume manufacturing for complex components.

CNP has completed hundreds of industrial projects in all industrial sectors. With a long list of products and never-ending customer support we can guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our clients. We offer prototyping Manufacturing with the latest technology and equipment. We offer the best line of services with the latest technology, equipment line of services.

Company Profile

We are known for…

1. Exceptionally high-quality production of complex prototypes
2. Dramatically fast and flexible delivery to meet tight schedules
3. Ultra-thin walled (as thin as 1mm) components for maximum weight reduction
4. Start-to- finish service with complete confidentiality
5. Based in Xi'an, China, CNP has been serving the world’s most demanding manufacturing companies with unrivaled quality, prices, speed, reliability and confidentiality since 2015.
6. CNP Industry is passionate about precision manufacturing. Our people, facilities and
production processes are all dedicated to producing the highest quality components in the shortest amount of time at a reasonable cost.

Our Vision

Our characters

1.We are flexible
We try our utmost to respond to our customers’ requests, while still maintaining a tight production schedule.
2.We are committed
We work to make our customers successful, providing our suggestions on the best materials, techniques and processes.
3.We are confidential
We maintain complete confidentiality around our customers’ proprietary projects and goals. CNP is eager to expand our presence in the US and other overseas markets, especially for high-demand components such as power train components, cylinder heads, transmission cases, and other complex engine parts.

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We Provides a wide range of high performance services across multiple industries and technologies

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Marketing Director

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HR Director

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Technical Director

We offer a free consultation to discuss your prototyping, casting, or machining challenges.

If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!